How to Make an App for Your Small Business in 2022

Often than not, small businesses face difficulties engaging with their customer. If you are an owner of small business, you may use social media to promote your brand. But what do you do to constantly engage with buyers?

As La Capitale Financial Group states, “good businesses never end the buyer-seller relationship immediately after purchase“. Building customer relationship is important not only to make them loyal but also the genius way to convert new buyers.

One of many strategies to build a good customer relationship is to make an App. Sounds ridiculous if you can’t figure out the cost, but actually it would be on your budget!

So now, in order to break down how to make an App for your small business, we are going to focus on these things:

  • Why your small business needs an App?
  • What to consider before making an App?
  • How much the cost?
  • Conclusion

The Urgency of Having An App For Small Business

Today, the digital landscape varied from website, email, social networks, as well as many types of mobile devices. Today, tablets and smartphone users in the world are taking 89.76% of the population. In the UK, statistics from 2017 found that 73% of adults used mobile devices to access the Internet. This means a good start to confidently step up by having an App in the cut-throat competitive market.

Speaking of the competition, providing your services or products via an App would create barriers to other newcomers competitors. It requires more effort to enter your market. And it elevates your brand images at the same time.

You can use the App as an advertising platform, marketing channels, build customer relationships, collect records for your business analytics and many more. Personalize the Apps and perhaps, it’ll be a new game you create in the market.

Things To Consider Before Make An App

For small businesses, the option to make an App would be rather hiring a freelancer or agency. That would impact the cost, which you need to consider. Before further away, understand that the platform to develop an App has three options, via iOS App, Android or both. Choose wisely by reflecting on your customer profiles.

As a client, you need to know the process before dealing with a third party. The stage of App development starts with making a strategy, planning, designing, developing the App, testing, and support. Discuss it with the third party before you set your own timeline along with the marketing campaign.

More deeply, consider how your vendor secures your data, how they interact with previous clients and legal protections they provide.

A Breakdown: Factors That Affect App Development Cost

Since you know that small business owners are left with two options to choose who’s gonna build the App, but it doesn’t end there. Especially when your business is developing, you can’t be Googling the best 3 agencies to make an App in your country. The number would be mind-blowing.

Some surveys like a VDC survey reports the average cost to build an App to be $140,000. Then, the Clutch survey reports the estimation of medium level complexity App will be Approx $171,450. Knowing that the price to make an App is varied, and people like to say “it depends”. So, let’s dig down to the factors that would impact your services cost.

1 Feature and Functionality of the App

When we talk about the features of an App, we can’t separate it from the function. The code behind one feature would take several hours to build. Let say, for login button, there’s some function you could choose. Whether it is for social media, or login with email, and it takes 25 hours of development.

Another example, if your small business needs basic messaging to deliver your products, it could take 120 hours. So it’s necessary to have solid idea of what you need in your App while you are in strategy and planning stage. The more complex your App would impact the final cost.

2 UI/UX Design customization

The sister to features and function, UI/UX design would be more expensive if you need a complex design. But this part is where your branding could be felt by your customers. It involves everything seen on the screen, such as the design, user-friendliness, customers journey and more. Take note that the majority of App developers price UI/UX designs from $25 to $75 per hour.

3 The Language and Approach (Native iOS/Native Android/Hybrid)

As you consider in the beginning, prioritize the language by reflecting on your customer’s profile. Do they mostly Android users or iOS users? The price would be different starting from $15,000 and more. But if you’re not sure about the profile or you might don’t know it, it is safe to hire a hybrid App developer.

To wrap all, things that are really important to affect the total cost is price per hour. So, list all the things you need for an App and sum the total hours. Then, if you find the hourly rate of App developers, multiply it with total hours. You will get the total cost to build your App.

Total hours of App Development * Rate per hour of developer = Total App cost


It’s time to expand your business services and branding by having an App. In the blog, we have broken down the things you need to be prepare. As a recommendation for all small business owners, you can consider hiring a freelancer to build your App. Then, kindly discuss in more detail final cost because what we presented are estimations based on various surveys.

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