Drone Carrier – Most Relaxing Games To Play On Your IOS Devices

Thank you Gabriel Price for added Drone Carrier into Most Relaxing Games To Play On IOS Devices list. Please check the following article: https://gameskeys.net/most-relaxing-games-to-play-on-your-ios-devices/

Motion Notes – Reminder – To do list alert

  Motion Notes is very simple note taking app with light design. The app include basic text notes, list and reminder which you can set an alarm on it. This app doesn't connect to the internet and it has no unnecessary permission, recommended for people who just want something easy…

Prayer Times, Al-Qur’an Translation and Murottal: Wazma

    WAZMA is the application that helps you to know the prayer times of different region of the world and listening to the murottal Qur'an and its translations in various languages. Features complete with: Select multiple translation languages ​​- settings; Murottal and translation each word - touch the word;…
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